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This past year has taught us a lot about who we are and what we value as a community of faith. Conversations with members to prepare for this stewardship campaign have offered an intimate window into what we think about the future and where we need to focus our efforts to make the biggest differences in the world. One consistent theme in these conversations is the realization that what we do outside the walls of the Church is crucial to reaching the people who need us the most. In looking outward to make an impact in the world, we are living out our mission to act with justice, to serve one another, and to journey humbly with God (inspired by Micah 6:8). We have realized this past year how innovative outreach can welcome new members into the fold that would otherwise be missed. To be sure, the coming year is one of renewal: renewed connections, renewed spirits, renewed worship, and renewed dedication to our congregation’s mission. This stewardship appeal is targeted to grow the Mission Development Ministry at King of Kings. Mission Development is all about looking outward and building the connections that will help us to realize our mission and thrive as Church.

Ways to give to King of Kings

  • By check: Write a check made out to "King of Kings Lutheran Church" and mail it to King of Kings Lutheran Church, 2685 Packard St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.
  • Give online: NEW Make a one-time or recurring gift to the ministries of King of Kings using our new secure Online Giving Portal. Follow the instructions on the webpage to make your gift by credit card or electronic bank transfer.
  • Mobile App: NEW APP Download and install the new Vanco Mobile Faith Engagement App from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Note: this replaces the GivePlus app. In the new app, enter "Ann Arbor" and select King of Kings Lutheran Church. Then you can set up a donation to come from your checking account or from your debit/credit card. See the Mobile app instruction video.
  • Text Message: Send a text message to 833-950-1405 with the amount you would like to contribute and the fund code:
    • gen for General Offering (example: 100 gen)
    • mort for Mortgage Reduction (example: 75 mort)
    • endow for Maintenance Endowment (example: 50 endow)

    See the Vanco Text instruction video.

  • EFT: Regular electronic giving has been upgraded to the secure Online Giving Portal. If you previously gave via EFT, contact the Financial Secretary to make the switch today! Sign up is easy and fast.

As you consider your financial contributions to the work of the church, please consider the following questions:

How does my giving level compare with other ways I use my money?

How adequately does my giving reflect my gratitude to God for all the blessings I have received?

How much more could I give if I really wanted to?

Would giving electronically be something for me to try to make giving easier for me and continue more stable receipts for my congregation throughout the year?