King of Kings Lutheran Church
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Overview: The King of Kings Library is located off of the narthex in the room labeled Library/Nursery. Our collection has over 1,500 books and videos for all ages. We have books in nearly every category as well as DVDs, music CDs, and books/narratives on CD or cassette tapes. You are welcome to go in to browse and check out books, CDs, and DVDs.

Library access: The library currently is kept locked, but anyone with a key to the front door of the church can unlock the library door. If you don’t have a key, please contact the church office (734-971-1417) during the office hours listed on our website home page to see if someone can let you in. Alternatively, you may contact the Library Coordinator (LC) to arrange a time to be let in.

Borrowing materials: Each book/DVD in the library has an index card inside it with a description and a place on the back to write your name, phone number, and the date. Place the card in the clear plastic box on the table in the library. There is no "due date" but a reasonable turnaround time of a month is suggested. There is a plastic crate just outside the door of the library that is for the return of library materials.

Material acquisitions: Acquisitions include materials suggested by the Pastor, the congregation, and the LC, as well as materials from study classes that the church has made available.

To contact the Library Coordinator, please send an email to with "Library" in the subject line.

If you are interested in having the library buy an item, please contact the LC.

Material donations: Materials of a religious content and/or spiritual nature are appreciated. Accepted items: All types of Christian and non-fiction literature and DVDs. Before donating materials, please contact the LC with details for book/DVD donations rather than leaving the actual items in the return bin or in the library. Due to limited shelf space, Bibles, general fiction, and non-family rated DVDs are generally not accepted for the church library. If you have Bibles that you’d like to donate somewhere, contact the LC for where and how you may do so.

Monetary donations: Donations to the library budget are welcome. Please make your check payable to King of Kings Lutheran Church, with the designation "Library" in the memo line, and send it c/o King of Kings Lutheran Church, 2685 Packard St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.